Muscle Cramps Are An Ongoing Nightmare!

And they can stop you in your tracks, no matter where you are… in bed, in your home or outside in the garden or on the street. NOT ANYMORE!

HYDRUS is the answer!

Why Does It Happen?

An attack of muscle cramps is painful and debilitating. You writhe and twist and turn looking for relief, trying to find a position that eases the pain, straining to loosen the grip that has you in its vice.

Electrolyte imbalance is commonly cited as a likely cause of Muscle Cramps and Nocturnal Leg Cramps. Water alone WILL NOT get the job done; Hydration requires restoring electrolyte balance.

Water DOES NOT contain elecrolytes.

If you want relief, hydrate!

What You Might Not Know

Hydration works from the inside out. The best medical advice is to drink lots of non-sugary fluids, probably more than you’re comfortable with.

That’s at the top of the doctor’s list. For most people there isn’t a pill or remedy that relieves muscle cramps.

Hydrus’ Breakthrough Nanosome™ Encapsulation Delivers Electrolytes for Fast and Effective Relief.


Feel Real Hydration for the First Time. Fast, fast, fast…
No sugar. No calories.

For this purpose, HYDRUS® PERFORMANCE HYDRATION was developed to deliver hydration fast and effectively. Doctors often recommend drinking significant amounts of fluid (most often water) to help reduce the negative effects of dehydration.

Consuming enough fluid can often be difficult. Refresh yourself regularly with clean, great tasting Hydrus. Drink 1-3 16.9 ounce servings of Hydrus during the day, depending upon your activity level.

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HYDRUS is proven effective!

Electrolytes are nutrients (natural chemicals) present in your body that have many important functions — from regulating your heartbeat to allowing your muscles to contract so you can move.

Electrolytes are found within bodily fluids, including urine, blood and sweat. Electrolytes are given their name because they literally have an “electric charge.” They separate into positively and negatively charged ions when they’re dissolved in water. The reason this is important is because of how nerve reactions take place. Your nerves signal to one another by a process of chemical exchanges dependent on oppositely charged ions, both outside and inside of your cells.


Drinking HYDRUS during the day or evening will keep cramping from hydration from happening. If you forget to use HYDRUS throughout the day, it’s the “go to” solution to solve your unexpected cramping episode, fast!

Muscle Cramps Facts
  • A muscle cramp is an involuntarily and forcibly contracted muscle that does not relax.
  • Almost everyone experiences a muscle cramp at some time in their life.
  • There are a variety of types and causes of muscle cramps.
  • Muscle cramps may occur during exercise, at rest, or at night, depending upon the exact cause.
  • Dehydration is a common cause of muscle cramps.
  • Numerous medicines can cause muscle cramps.
  • Most muscle cramps can be stopped if the muscle can be stretched.
  • Muscle cramps can often be prevented by measures such as adequate nutrition and hydration

The Hydrus Story is that Hydrus is a scientific breakthrough in hydration.

Using Nanosomes™ to encapsulate electrolytes, Hydrus delivers electrolytes into the bloodstream fast and effectively, drawing in water that hydrates you. Without belaboring the point, drinking water is only half of the hydration equation. The other half is YOU NEED ESSENTIAL ELECTROLYTES TO DELIVER AND MAINTAIN MAXIMUM HYDRATION THROUGHOUT YOUR BODY.

This BREAKTHROUGH was found to be UP TO EIGHT TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE for water and electrolyte absorption than alternatives when tested against the World Health Organization’s “gold standard” electrolyte solution in tests at the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research in Dhaka, Bangla Desh.
Source: Gastroenterology May 2012 Volume 142, Issue 5, Supplement 1, Page S-21, Absorption of Water…, Pradip K. Bardhan, Nasirul Islam, Rifat Faruqui.

Another big part of the HYDRUS HYDRATION breakthrough science is that it HYDRATES WITH ABSOLUTELY NO SUGAR.

Hydrus is sweetened by Stevia, uses natural flavors, and contains electrolytes (sodium, potassium and chloride) and Phosphatidylcholine, which is an essential substance found in every human cell.


Feel real hydration for the first time.

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