Dry Eyes At Night

Nobody likes going to sleep at night with dry eyes. It can be painful, annoying and an unpleasant end to your day.
Your doctor or eye care professional will usually recommend some sort of eye drops or lubricants to help bring you relief.
But did you know there may be another reason why you are suffering from dry eyes at night? Dehydration is usually the cause.

HYDRUS is the answer!

Cause of Dry Eyes

How Can You Find Relief From Dry Eyes at Night?

One of the best ways to get relief may be to hydrate yourself as thoroughly as possible.

Hydrus is Performance Hydration Science that hydrates with ABSOLUTELY NO SUGAR.

Hydrus is sweetened with Stevia, uses natural flavors, and contains electrolytes (sodium, potassium and chloride) and Phosphatidylcholine, which is an essential substance found in every human cell.

Using Nanosomes™ to encapsulate electrolytes, Hydrus delivers electrolytes into the bloodstream fast and effectively, drawing in water that hydrates you.

You can drink water or some other fluid, but that is only part of the solution. YOU NEED ESSENTIAL ELECTROLYTES TO DELIVER AND MAINTAIN MAXIMUM HYDRATION THROUGHOUT YOUR BODY.

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