Dry Sinuses

Are you looking for relief for dry sinuses? Dry Sinuses have many causes, but the secret to finding relief might be as simple as proper hydration.

HYDRUS is the answer!

Why Does It Happen?

Dry sinuses are a condition not a disease, and that makes it a very difficult problem to solve. It’s not at the top of anyone’s medical radar.

The causes are all over the map from the air that you breath, to pollens, the weather, certain foods or drinks, medications, illness, the list goes on.

If you want relief, hydrate!

That’s at the top of the doctor’s list. For most people there isn’t a pill or remedy that relieves dry nose.

The best medical advice is to drink lots of non-sugary fluids, probably more than you’re comfortable with, and apply skin moisturizer.

What You Might Not Know

Hydration works from the inside out. Moisturization works from the outside in. They are two very different things.

Think of hydration as watering a plant. The plant draws in water and nutrients and thrives.

Think of moisturization as the pot that holds in the plant and the water and helps hydration work more effectively.

Your nose contains a huge number of tiny blood vessels that keep it hydrated. Therefore you must make sure that you hydrate your bloodstream or the blood flowing through your nose will be part of the problem when it should be part of the solution.

Finding RELIEF may be as straightforward as hydrating yourself as completely as possible.

For this purpose, HYDRUS® PERFORMANCE HYDRATION was developed to deliver hydration fast and effectively. Doctors often recommend drinking significant amounts of fluid (most often water) to help reduce the negative effects of dehydration. Consuming enough fluid can often be difficult.

With Hydrus, you can maximize hydration from all the fluids you drink! Hydrus Hydration breakthrough science hydrates with ABSOLUTELY NO SUGAR.

Hydrus is sweetened by Stevia, uses natural flavors, and contains electrolytes (sodium, potassium and chloride) and Phosphatidylcholine, which is an essential substance found in every human cell.