Are you hydrating at the right times during the day?

Contrary to popular belief, drinking water all day long may not be the best way of hydrating throughout the day. I know you might be in disbelief, but studies have shown that drinking water throughout the day can cause over-hydration and have little impact on your body.

According to David Nieman, a professor of public health at Appalachian State University, consuming plain water without any other food or nutrients tends to flow right through the digestive system. 

You might be wondering why? That’s because proper hydration isn’t about how much water you consume and is much more about absorption, which occurs by balancing the electrolytes in your body. Critical factors that impact how much water your body will retain is the beverage’s nutrient content and presence of diuretic agents, which increase the amount of urine a person produces.

This is why studies have found that consuming drinks like coffee, tea, cola, and even sports drinks didn’t have a significant impact on the beverage rehydration index (BHI), a measure of how much water is absorbed or retained in the body. Here’s a chart that shows BHI levels of common beverages. 

Beverage Rehydration Index


hydration chart


Ingesting water with fats, amino acids, and minerals seems to help the body maintain better levels of hydration, especially after exercising or long periods of perspiration. This is why Hydrus is formulated with a nanosome technology or small hollow sphere-shaped molecules that encapsulate electrolytes and water, made of phospholipids, which is the same material found in all cell walls within the body. These phospholipids help to disperse evenly in water. They also require no digestive activity to take place because absorption begins instantly in the mouth.  

Studies show that the science in Hydrus delivers about 50% greater water and electrolyte absorption than traditional sugary-electrolyte drinks.

Now that you understand why Hydrus is better at hydration than drinking plain water alone and other beverages. You must be wondering when it is the best time to hydrate. 

Hydrating in the morning is essential

According to most experts, the best time for rehydration is first thing in the morning. It is important to hydrate in the morning after waking up because the body is usually dehydrated at that time. Users of Hydrus have found that drinking it first thing in the morning seems to be effective at relieving aches and joint pain, fatigue, dry mouth and dry eyes, and dry nose throughout the day. Some users have found the best results by not eating anything until 30- 40 minutes after drinking, which allows the body time to hydrate, and re-energize the cells with new oxygen.

Before and after working out

It’s essential to make sure you are well hydrated before and especially after a workout so that you replace the fluid loss through sweat and humidity. For athletes who train vigorously and hot yogis, it’s essential to replenish fluid and nutrients lost during the workout sessions. 

Hydrate in the mid-afternoon

Many Hydrus users also find it beneficial to rehydrate in the mid-afternoon to relieve afternoon burnout or fatigue and find themselves less reliant on caffeinated beverages like coffee to perk up afternoon slump and symptoms of fatigue.

Before going to bed

Hydrating before going to bed is also essential and can lower your risk of stroke and heart attacks and reduces joint pains and aches at night. Heart attacks generally occur in the morning when your blood is thicker due to the loss of water, which is why it’s always a good idea to hydrate your body before going to sleep. 

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