How to Have a Great Weekend: Unlock the Secret of Well-being Hydration

When you set out to have a great weekend, you likely think of family gatherings, adventures, or maybe just a well-deserved rest. But the #1 most underrated way to extract more joy and vitality from your weekend is by practicing Well-being Hydration. Read on to find out how the pioneering category of Well-being Hydration beverages can fine-tune your physiology for an improved quality of life and a happy weekend.

Something Is Missing: The Dehydration Gap

A startling 78% of people do not meet the USDA’s recommended 8-10 glasses of water a day. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recommends even more – 9 to 13 glasses for women and men respectively. Yet, the average intake languishes at 40-50% of these levels. What’s more, 77% of people confess they don’t drink enough water.

Did you know that proper hydration is about more than water? In a throwback to ninth-grade biology, water flows via osmosis to wherever the highest concentration of electrolytes are. This makes electrolyte balance as important as water intake.

There’s One More Dimension to the Problem: The Shift in Work and Leisure

Work and leisure have both morphed from being predominantly physical to mental and visual. This transition makes us more susceptible to dehydration. While a 2-4% dehydration gap can slash physical productivity by 12-25%, research now reveals that a mere 0.6% dehydration gap can impair blood volume, heart rate variability, mood, and anxiety. This affects heart-brain function and diminishes focus, performance, and energy levels.


Have a Great Weekend
Want to know how to have a great weekend? Extract more joy and vitality daily by practicing Well-being Hydration


Even moderate Dehydration Gaps of 1/2 to 2% can severely impact various age groups, from children’s learning and focus, to adults’ productivity and creativity, and seniors’ quality of life. Heavy screen users, athletes, and even alcohol consumers are not immune. Chronic dehydration can manifest in symptoms such as reduced alertness, impaired brain function, cravings, dryness, mood imbalances, fatigue, and muscle soreness.

A Symphony in a Bottle: Well-being Hydration

Enter Well-being Hydration – a new beverage category poised to bridge the Dehydration Gap. With a harmony of science that promotes water and electrolyte absorption to replace daily losses from respiration, perspiration and body functions, these sugar-free beverages are primed for daily use.

Unlike conventional sugar-laden sports drinks and sugar-free fitness waters with no science to assist absorption, Well-being Hydration beverages offer a new category of drinks. They’re designed with innovative science to aid in the absorption of water and electrolytes for optimal hydration and are sugar-free for daily healthy use.

This new category is unique for effectively reducing the daily dehydration gap, providing relief from the nagging symptoms of dehydration and adding energy and vitality to your weekend. It’s not just about quenching your thirst; it’s about orchestrating a symphony of hydration that sings to every cell in your body for greater health, well-being and quality of life.

Have a Great Weekend with Hydrus: Your Passport to Well-being

Embrace Hydrus, the first Well-being Hydration beverage, and savor a weekend infused with creativity, health, and well-being. With Hydrus, you won’t need to reach for sugary refreshments or excess stimulants. Your cells will be dancing to the rhythm of optimal hydration, reducing inflammation and harmonizing your heart-brain function.

This weekend, let Hydrus be your passport to a vibrant life. Cultivate the art of Well-being Hydration and watch as your weekends transform into an oasis of joy and vitality. Indulge in the magic of Hydrus and set sail on your odyssey to a great weekend and a greater life.

The Benefits of Well-being Hydration with Hydrus

Hydrus is different. It’s not just another beverage, it’s a breakthrough in the realm of health and wellbeing. Designed for those who understand the value of effective hydration, Hydrus promises you not just refreshment, but an enhancement in your everyday performance. Trust Hydrus, trust the science behind it, and taste the difference it makes.

Hydrus – the forerunner of Well-being Hydration, a pioneering stride towards a healthier, more energized you. Drink up, and feel the difference.

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