Planning to Re-open Your Gym or Studio After Covid-19? Best Tips for Gym Owners & Trainers

In a post-COVID-19 era, gym owners and trainers will have to reinvent themselves.  And sometimes, figuring out exactly where to start can be the biggest challenge. 

Like many businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused gyms and fitness studios across the nation to shut down for months.  Now, as we are finally starting to see some states re-opening businesses, you must remain proactive about communicating with your clients and have a strategy to keep your business going. 

The first and most difficult decision that many of you will need to make is when to re-open. In areas where stay at home orders and restrictions are being lifted, deciding whether to open will require weighing financial realities and health risks. While the decision will not be an easy one, if you do deem that it’s safe to re-open, here are some essential tips. 

Communicate Your Rationale for Re-opening Gym Owners

 It’s essential to think about how your customers may react to the re-opening. Some clients may be eager to get back to the gym, while others may feel it’s too risky. Whatever you decide to make sure that you communicate your rationale to your clients and community, they are trusting you with their health.  

Reach Out to Your Top Clients 

If you are a successful business owner, then you know exactly who your top clients are- and you MUST reach out to them personally. Find out exactly what they are looking for and cater to your training classes specifically for that core group. Keeping them happy and engaged will not only boost your retention but also help you attract more business in the future.  Many gym owners and trainers may already be doing this by calling their clients and keeping in touch. But it’s even more vital that you reach out to your customers now that you are re-opening. Let them know what you are offering; learn more about what they might want to see and explain any new procedures and processes.

New Rules and Restrictions for Gym Owners

Keep in mind that if and when you can re-open, there will probably be some restrictions, such as a limit placed on the number of people allowed each day.  It’s also possible that some states will require some kind of social distancing and PPE to be put in place. Make sure you communicate your rationale as a gym owner for the new rules and monitor to see how they are working once they are in place. If you aren’t making enough money to keep the lights on under the new occupancy limits, you might need to consider other locations such as offering some workouts outdoors or places where there would be fewer restrictions. 

Boost Offerings of Virtual & Online Classes

Despite the lifting of shelter in place orders, many customers will still prefer to work out from home- which could cause you to lose some customers. To make sure that you retain your customers, as a gym owner or trainer,  think about adding permanent online virtual classes and one-on-one training back into your offerings. In a post- COVID-19 world, every gym owner should have just as many virtual offerings as onsite classes.  

Sell Equipment & Products

One of the best ways to boost revenue is to offer products, supplements and equipment for sale on your website or for curbside pickup at your gym or location. With more people working out from home, the demand for stuff like jump ropes, kettlebells, mats is likely to increase. Also, make sure to stock up on enough products like supplements and  protein.  Many customers may prefer to stop-over and pick up these items rather than waiting for longer shipping times- and it’s a great way to reconnect!


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