Are You Asking The Right Questions About Your Employee Wellness Program? Best Tips for Result Driven Health Outcomes

Employees are an essential component of your organization’s success. A thriving organization is built upon a healthy and happy workforce and a corporate wellness program that focuses on employees’ physical and mental well being.

While many companies implement health and corporate wellness programs, few can measure the impact of their efforts beyond assessing workplace/ employee satisfaction.

Wellness initiatives such as events, presentations and screenings are trendy, but they often fall short of boosting health outcomes and reducing healthcare costs.

As a corporate health and wellness professional, you must implement programs and initiatives that are measurable and improve health and healthcare costs.

The healthier and happier your workforce is, the better it will perform – ultimately boost your bottom-line. Here are some excellent tips for re-inventing your wellness programs.

Ask the Right Wellness Questions

The first step to building an effective wellness program is to ask the right questions. While each employee’s overall health is unique, your employees all share a similar environmental health impact from the work they do daily. One way to assess what kinds of wellness offerings are best is to think about solutions that alleviate health issues or symptoms caused by the employee’s work environment.

For example, a workforce of delivery drivers or C-level execs who travel for work may suffer from symptoms such as fatigue and muscle aches due to maintaining the same posture and positioning for prolonged periods. Alternately, a workforce of office workers who spend hours at a desk all day may have issues such as dry eyes due to excessive screen time.

And if your goal is to reduce healthcare costs effectively, then it’s essential to gain a broader understanding of health issues and symptoms experienced by these segments in your workforce.

There’s a Difference Between Perks & Wellness Programs

A common misconception is that offering to enhance employees’ health equates to an effective wellness program. That’s not true. These offerings are only “perks” unless you measure your employee’s health outcomes.

A proper wellness program must be measurable, and that means you should have a detailed implementation and follow-up plan. The bottom line here is that you can’t just offer someone a Fitbit and hope that it will improve their health outcomes. You need to have a plan that monitors who is using it and how to measure health outcomes.

Consider Products For Remote Workforce

In post-pandemic times, nearly 40% of the US workforce is currently working from home, leaving your employees without access to the on-site gyms, in-person training and other campus wellness and health events. And naturally, as more people are working from home, they are spending a lot more time with their families.

For these reasons, offering subscription-based or home delivery products that boost wellness for the entire family can help remote employees feel appreciated. When selecting the right product for your workforce, it is essential to consider what health outcomes you’d like to achieve and the most common health-related symptoms and complaints.

Providing employees with products that help alleviate health issues related to their work and family routines can boost productivity and reduce healthcare costs.

Hydrus Is The Answer

Hydrus is the perfect solution for corporate wellness professionals searching for a universal product that can help and boost employee health and wellness.

Hydrus is a great-tasting, refreshing daily hydration drink that helps employees manage symptoms such as dry eyes, headaches, muscle aches, digital eye strain, and fatigue caused by dehydration.

Studies have shown that dehydration can significantly impact workplace productivity. Research has shown that even a body water loss of 1-2%, which is considered mild dehydration, impairs cognitive performance. A 2013 study showed that drinking water resulted in a 14% increase in productivity.

The best thing about Hydrus is that it has zero calories and is sweetened with Stevia. Hydrus is sugar, gluten and diary free.

It’s a perfect wellness product option for employees and their families. Hydrus’ single serving packages and bottles can be easily be delivered directly to your employees’ at home or placed throughout the office or corporate campuses.

Contact our corporate wellness team to learn more about Hydrus’ delivery program and boost your employee’s productivity while reducing healthcare costs.

Hydrus is formulated to deliver the electrolytes your body needs more effectively than drinking water alone.

Unlike other hydration products, Hydrus contains Nanosomes™ or tiny nano-scale hollow sphere-shaped molecules made of phospholipids that encapsulate electrolytes and water. The phospholipids are similar to those naturally found in your cells’ membranes.

Compared to other hydration drinks, studies show that the science in Hydrus delivers about 50% greater water and electrolyte absorption than traditional sugar-electrolyte drinks.

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