Is Consuming Alcohol Daily Causing You To Age Prematurely? Here’s what you need to know

Did you know that consuming two glasses of wine a day can cause premature aging and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles? Well, it’s true.

While women spend thousands of dollars each year in the pursuit of perfect skin, there’s a much simpler way to reverse the signs of premature aging: drink less alcohol. Yes, studies have found that both men and women who drink regularly are likely to show signs of aging faster than people who don’t consume alcohol regularly. That’s according to experts like New York nutritionist Jairo Rodriguez, who says alcohol’s real damage is primarily to your skin and mucosal membranes.

So, what exactly does alcohol affect your skin and cause premature aging?

Dehydration & Mucous Membranes

The main problem is that as you age, you dry up. The average water content of an adult decreases from around 75% to 55% by your mid-forties. And by the time you retire, it’s down to just 50%. You might be saying to yourself that’s not too bad. Well, actually, it is. If water loss of 1% to 3% causes significant physiological changes such as loss of mental concentration and physical coordination, imagine the damage that years of chronic dehydration can do to your skin.

And consuming too much alcohol only further exacerbates the problem by taking all the fluids directly out of the skin and damaging your mucous membranes – especially those in the pancreas, liver and skin. Alcohol causes inflammation in your skin’s tissues and creates a histamine reaction that results in increased redness and irritation. At first, the flushed look might be desirable, but it can cause permanent facial redness over time.

Cellular Hydration & Anti-aging

Now more experts are looking at how cellular hydration could be the magic elixir of soft, glowing, supple skin and the key to anti-aging. According to Howard Murad, MD, a board-certified dermatologist, pharmacist, cellular hydration and nutrition could be the magic elixir to soft, glowing, supple skin and the key to anti-aging, and assistant clinical professor of dermatology at UCLA. Murad is the author of The Murad Method. In a recent blogpost, Murad wrote about the role cellular hydration plays in preventing the skin’s premature aging. Murad described hydration as the key to modern wellness and talked about building beauty on the cellular level by ingesting enough water and ensuring that it reaches where it’s needed most: inside your cells.

Reversing the Damage

The truth is that it’s impossible to completely reverse the effects of aging and alcohol, especially if you have been drinking for many years. Your skin ability to regenerate fast has a lot to do with how much damage has been done and how much collagen you may have lost. But you can help your skin bounce back because the skin has a fast rehydration rate if it can absorb water when it enters your body correctly. Getting ample hydration helps keep your cells plump, which means that your cells can better absorb minerals, soluble vitamins, and other essential nutrients that your cells need. Hydration is also critical in helping to flush waste and toxins from the body via urine.

You’ve heard the standard advice that drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day can boost hydration. But drinking water alone is not going to ensure that water is getting inside of your cells. Boosting your water intake doesn’t ensure that the electrolytes and nutrients are adequately absorbed into the bloodstream, interstitial cavities, and cells.

Cellular Hydration: It’s All About Absorption

Drinking water alone isn’t the most effective weapon against dehydration because “proper cellular hydration” is not about how much water you drink. It’s about how much water your cells absorb. Hydrus is formulated to deliver the electrolytes your body needs more effectively than drinking water alone. Unlike other hydration products, Hydrus contains Nanosomes™ or tiny nano-scale hollow sphere-shaped molecules made of phospholipids that encapsulate electrolytes and water.

Compared to other hydration drinks, studies show that the science in Hydrus delivers about 50% greater water and electrolyte absorption than traditional sugar-electrolyte drinks.

Starting A Daily Hydration Routine

When you start a daily hydration routine, it’s essential to experiment with your body to learn about your body’s hydration needs. Your body’s water and electrolyte needs – your hydration levels- will indeed vary depending on your age, body weight, medical conditions, medications, activity levels, diet, alcohol intake, and environmental conditions. Accordingly, it’s essential to experiment with your hydration needs as the inputs change and understand how your body responds.

After drinking Hydrus twice-a-day or three times a day for several days people gain a more nuanced understanding of their own hydration needs. Hydrus is also sugar-free and sweetened with Stevia, so it will not make you crash like coffee or cause weight gain like other hydration drinks.

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