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After heart beat and breathing, the most frequent life sustaining activity and the #1 most frequent choice people make is when and with what to hydrate. But for something this fundamental and vital to wellness, well-being and the ability to enjoy your health, why is it that people regularly hydrate so poorly that a majority of employees come to work and leave work measurably dehydrated? And, why do nearly 80% of people surveyed believe they drink insufficient amounts of water to meet their health needs?

It is not because employees and consumers lack hearing the message to “drink more water” from authorities nor is it because these people lack access to beverages and bottled water. In fact, both of these trends began a century ago and during the last 50 years these practices have been in widespread use throughout business and government organizations.

The Emergence of Specialized Drinks

A half century ago, just before the information age began, specialized hydration drink categories emerged by leveraging the concept that carbohydrates (sugars) assist electrolyte absorption to serve consumers that are active (sports drinks) or have illness, either mild illness, such as flu, diarrhea and vomiting (pediatric hydration drinks) or severe illness, such as cholera and ebola (oral rehydration solutions). These products are designed with specific formulations and marketed to very specific audiences.

These active consumer and ill patient drinks were not designed for consumers at all activity levels and in all age groups. Nor were they designed for daily use by healthy people, youth, elderly, post-menopausal women with dryness issues or people with chronic illness, such as autoimmune conditions or T2 diabetes, where carbohydrates and sugars may be undesirable or even aggravate conditions.

New Demands

Now that the information age has engulfed virtually every generation, several new demands on people’s hydration have emerged.

  • Most work activity has shifted from physical labor to mental labor, where muscle activity and sweat has become supplanted by eyeballs on screens and mental fatigue. Hydration requirements likewise are shifting from energy, water and electrolyte loss in volume from muscle activity and sweating to a much more nuanced hydration where loss of water and electrolytes from respiration, perspiration, and body functions can materially affect eye and cognitive functions when not carefully managed. These are only becoming recognized in recent years as problems and an opportunity for solutions.
  • Many leisure activities are shifting from physical world to digital world activities in parallel with work activity and with similar implications for nuanced hydration, especially in relation to eye and cognitive functions.
  • Active leisure is becoming more intense and highly specialized. Many ultra sports require sophisticated approaches to hydrate the body and fuel the muscle activity ways that bifurcate hydration and energy management into separate tracks.
  • A proliferation of chronic medical conditions have been identified affecting about 60% of the population and medications have come to market and in use regularly by nearly 50% of the population. Growth in symptoms of dehydration has been rapid, including dryness (of eyes, mouth, nose, skin and vagina), muscle & joint soreness, brain fog, etc.


New Behavior Model

Hydration is increasingly emerging as the foundation for wellness inputs that lead to well-being outcomes for greater health and a part of the holistic well-being as shown in the graphic below.


Hydrus - Well-Being Model
Hydration is increasingly emerging as the foundation for wellness inputs that lead to well-being outcomes for greater health and a part of the holistic well-being


New Drink Category

Well-being Hydration has evolved as a foundational element within the wellness, well-being and health field demanding new solutions with entirely new characteristics. Well-being Hydration is functional (assists water and electrolyte absorption) and sugar-free for a variety of application and daily use, particularly whenever water alone is not sufficient for effective hydration throughout the day.

See our article on Hydration Beverages for a summary and more detailed information about hydration beverage categories, including IV therapy, pediatric illness hydration drinks, sports drinks, waters & fitness drinks and Well-being Hydration beverages.


Hydrus New Drink Category - Enjoy Your Health


Close The Dehydration Gap

Raise hydration by even ½ to 1 percent throughout the day for the dehydrated majority of employees at work and people on their personal time. It can initiate a virtuous cycle in behavior, wellness, well-being, health and experience.


Hydrus - States of Dehydration


Behaviorally, people often mistake symptoms of dehydration for hunger or lack of energy, that they compensate for by consuming food and beverages that often contain sugar and stimulants as shown in the diagram below.

Add a Well-being Hydration beverage 1, 2 or 3 times per day, depending upon your individual activities, circumstances, conditions, and medications to enjoy your day even more than you thought possible.

Enjoy Your Health Each Day

Unlike other hydration products, Hydrus contains Nanosomes™ or tiny nano-scale hollow sphere-shaped molecules made of phospholipids that encapsulate electrolytes and water. The phospholipids are similar to those naturally found in your cells’ membranes.

Compared to other hydration drinks, studies show that the science in Hydrus delivers about 50% greater water and electrolyte absorption than traditional sugar-electrolyte drinks.

Hydrus will help to ensure that you are able to enjoy your health every day! This new science enables effective hydration without sugar for anytime use throughout the day.

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