Is Your Face Mask Causing Your Dry Eyes To Worsen?

Are you experiencing eye irritation, redness and dry eyes more frequently? Well, the culprit might be your face mask. While wearing a face mask has become critical to preventing the spread of COVID-19, did you know that face masks could be causing your dry eyes? Yes, it’s true.

Researchers have found a significant increase in the number of dry eye cases being reported among mask wearers, so much so that the condition is known as “mask-associated dry eyes” (MADE). The number of people who had never had a problem with reported experiencing increased eye irritation, redness and discomfort associated with dry eye disease. And many people who were already diagnosed with dry eyes have reported worsening symptoms. Here’s why wearing a mask causes increased dryness and dry eyes.

Face-masks Dry Out Your Tear Films

When you breathe or exhale, air flows from the mouth and nose and flows upwards, forcing air over the surface of the eyes that causes your tear film to evaporate faster, drying out the ocular surfaces.

Mask wearing can decrease blinking in your lower eyelid and other natural movements made by your eyelids. Another problem caused by mask-wearing is that it can cause you to rub your face and eyes more often with unwashed hands, increasing your risk of contracting infections.

If you suffer from chronic dehydration caused by medical conditions such as Sjogren’s Syndrome and other autoimmune disorders or digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome, the redness and irritation can become intolerable. People who are elderly are also at a higher risk for dry eyes because you age, your body produces fewer tears. Frontline workers, doctors, nurses, and other staff required to wear masks for extended periods are especially vulnerable.


Image Courtesy of University of Waterloo


Keep Calm & Mask On

Wearing a mask is a small price to pay against the rapid spread of COVID-1 9 and other viruses. Mask-wearing plays an essential role in preventing the spread of viruses and protecting you from respiratory droplets spread by coughing, sneezing and talking. But dryness and dry eyes can be controlled by managing your body’s water levels throughout the day and keeping your mucosal membranes well hydrated. Proper hydration is one of the most effective means to avoid dry eyes.

Hydrate Your Body, Hydrate Your Eyes

It’s critical to maintain a proper electrolyte level or “osmotic gradient” between the tear film and ocular surfaces. Studies published by the Experimental Eye Research found an imbalance of electrolytes can cause eye-related problems, especially dry eyes.

Most topical treatments offer temporary relief, but experts say they cannot replace the essential oils and mucus naturally created in the body. That’s why Hydrus is formulated to boost absorption and deliver electrolytes and nutrients to the body cells faster than other hydration drinks or and water.

The science in Hydrus boosts absorption and relieves symptoms of dry eyes and dehydration within minutes and hours, and restores your body hydration levels.

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